QUEST provides a month long experiential program for the International Support Worker (ISW) Program at Loyalist College. This is held in Chiapas, Southern Mexico in late January to mid February each year.

The ISW program is a one-year, post graduate certificate program, intended to provide competent staff and volunteers to work in international development organizations, anywhere in the world.

Through QUEST, ISW students will live with a Mexican family during a month long intensive experience in the area around San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. Students will enter into dialogue with people living in difficult circumstances, and learn from human rights workers and a wide range of international development staff. They will deal with and overcome culture shock, practice critical and analytical skills in problem solving, and evaluate the suitability of various international development options.

Focusing on our changing environment, they will also spend time in ancient Mayan archaeological sites, and live in cabins in the last remaining rain forest in Mexico.

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