In a 'carry-on' type bag put 2 days' change of clothing, all toiletries and medications, a change of shoes and any valuable objects such as cameras. Make sure there are no sharp objects such as scissors, nail clippers, needles, etc. They will not pass airport security.

For Canadians, go to for the latest information about packing and security.

In a large suitcase with wheels, put everything else. Pack lightly! Leave room for supplies that the group may decide to bring, such as medical supplies, vitamins, etc. We recommend that the group 'colour code' the luggage with a distinctive ribbon on the handle so you can identify and monitor luggage of fellow travelers. Take all previous travel tags off, but make sure each piece clearly has your name in a firmly attached tag. Put your name on a tag inside each piece of luggage.

There is a Laundromat nearby or you can wash clothes out yourself by hand, and they will dry very quickly. On occasion we can make arrangements for someone to come in and do hand laundry for you.

It is important to note that neatness, cleanliness, and modesty are valued standards in Mexican culture. Such things as shorts, tattered clothes, unkempt hair, revealing clothes, and other such trademarks of tourists give some Mexicans the impression that we are culturally insensitive, dirty, and/or "loose". Since we will be spending most of our time among people living in strained economic circumstances, we will all feel more comfortable living and dressing simply and respectfully. You can bring shorts to wear on the QUEST property. It can get cool at night, so bring along a sweater or light jacket.

We suggest:

  • 3 pairs of jeans/pants
  • 1-2 pairs shorts
  • 3-4 short sleeved shirts/tops/t-shirts
  • 1 long sleeved shirt/top
  • 1 skirt or dress (shirt/sweater) suitable for going out to dinner
  • 1 sweater or light jacket
  • nightgown or pajamas
  • comfortable walking shoes (at least one pair closed toe)
  • swimsuit and towel for swimming and sunning, sunscreen/hat
  • needed medications in labeled prescription container
  • personal toiletries
  • personal water bottle, but you can also buy a one disposable bottle in Mexico, refill it and not look like a rich tourist
  • digital camera and cable to download to a notebook computer
  • If you are coming in the rainy season, bring an umbrella or rain jacket
  • laptop is optional.
  • Note that most cell phones do not have coverage in Mexico. Consult your provider for details.

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